Self-organising teams: Achieving YOWYO!®

YOWYO!® and self-organising teams: A strange set of letters perhaps, but it is a term that alters, and anchors change within teams. It is about top teams in a right state of mind, with team members who are collaborative, responsible and in control. They have what you call the ‘do mentality’.

The fact that Agile teams should be self-organising, does not mean that they are actually self-organised from the start.

And that is where YOWYO!® sets in! Read about the Booster Control in The Agility Booster Book©.

The journey to accountability

Self-organising teams

Being self-organising does not happen overnight. To become a mature self-organising team, team members must take responsibility and learn what accountability really is about.

Team members who really act on what they observe…. act responsible and hold themselves and each other accountable. How do you get team members in this ‘do’ state of mind? How do you let them use change in their advantage?

By observing and coaching teams, Karin Schijf has learned how we can get everyone in the ‘do state of mind’; it is by teaching them how to YOWYO!®

You have already heard Karin Schijf stating YOWYO!® in previous blogs: ‘You Own What You Observe!®‘. When you observe something, you simply cannot “unobserve” it. The choice is yours what to do with those observations.

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Agility Booster Book

What about YOWYO!®?

People often say they will support the upcoming change and that they will go for it. The reality is that they fall back on all what is familiar and safe. The real behavioural shift does not happen, perhaps consciously, but mostly unconscious. Probably you will recognise this; a lot of actions were written down, everyone agreed. The actions should simply be executed. Perhaps by you. Or by me. But we do not follow through somehow…

Self-organising teams: 100% accountable

You need a shift in mindset and behaviour to learn how to follow through, to become 100% accountable.

The Agility Booster Book captures a set of workshops for teams and individuals where the shift in mindset will gradually transforms into new behaviour. The book has a pragmatic setup and ready to use from the start. The Agility Booster Cards© which come with the book, will keep YOWYO!® alive during retrospectives and other events.

The Agility Booster Book© – Leadership Track will be published late September!

Interested in YOWYO! ?Agility Booster Cards -->

“Attention to (scrum) process and people.
This combination means that real progress could be made and teams became more mature.”

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