Agile Business Builders strongly believes in the strenght and added value of Agile.

We train and coach people on their passion and enthusiasm and unlock their potential.

Motivation, Team spirit and collaboration

We coach people on their passion and enthusiasm and make them more responsible. We do this by paying specific attention to the added value employees and teams can bring within their own circle of influence. As a result, project lead times are significantly reduced. Agile guarantees motivation, team spirit and collaboration. Tangible and valuable results will be delivered within a short period of time.

Case study Knab


In 2015 Scrum was introduced at Knab, with a focus on the process and technical side of agile working. After a year Knab desired to take the next steps in the agile way of working and acknowledged they needed a mind shift and cultural change to achieve this.

Agile Business Builders was specifically asked to coach the agile mind set, the cultural change and attitude and behaviour, because of her experience in the soft side of change.

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Our Team

Karin Schijf

Agile transitions & culture change, partner

Mark Oosterbroek

Agile trainer & SAFe Agilist

Jeroen Elzinga

Agile Transition Coach, Senior Agile Coach, associate

Douwe Attema

Agile transition coach, associate

Jan Glerum

Commercial manager, partner

Jan Dogger

Agile transition coach

Sangeetha Balasubramanian

Agile Coach & Scrum Master, associate

Jeroen Stern

Agile trainer & Scrum Master

Sean van Koutrik

Agile transitions & Agile coach, SAFe Agilist

Jorma van der Hoorn

Office chaos verdelgster

Ronald Verheijen

Agile project/portfolio management, associate

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What others say about us

"Attention to (scrum) process and people. This combination means that real progress could be made and teams became more mature."

Linn MustersLead Agile Transition