An Agile transition requires a change at individual, team and management level!


Most Agile studies shows that the cultural change within an organisation is one of the biggest challenges to implement an successful Agile transition. Agile Business Builders does not only support the implementation of the Agile philosophy and methods. We are above all focusing on the soft side of change, like culture, attitude, mindset and behaviour of employees and leadership.

Our Agile coaches have a thorough knowledge of the implementation of various Agile methods, as well as a background and experience in the soft side of transitions.

Change to an adaptive organisation

Agile transition

Is your organisation about to start an Agile way of working? Or do you want to accelerate the Agile transition? Our Agile coaches are experienced in managing these transitions. The actual completion of a transition is highly dependent on the needs of the organisation. Together with our coaches we will make an inventory of the needs and translate them into a Transition Backlog. This Backlog will set the milestones, goals and strategy for the Agile journey.

Forming a guiding coalition

Involved and focused

Every transition faces challenges, Agile transitions are not different. That is why we always work together with the professionals in the organisation who are directly involved in the transition and pay extra attention to the management and the business. Our experience learns that an Agile transition is not limited to the teams working with Agile: a successful new way of working requires involvement of the entire organisation.

“Attention to (scrum) process and people.
This combination means that real progress could be made and teams became more mature.”

Linn Musters Lead Agile Transition

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