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The three greatest challenges of an Agile transition are de culture change, Agile leadership en the shortage of Agile knowledge and expertise at the start. Agile Business Builders supports and guides organisations with the needed culture change and with the implementation of the new way of working. It is important to work both on management and team level to have a successful transition. Therefore we coach on Agile leadership, coach teams and focus on awareness throughout the organisation.

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A shortage of Agile knowledge and expertise at the start?

Agile professionals

Wether it is an Agile Transition Coordinator, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Program Manager, ABB is happy to assess your needs and to provide a solution that will help your organisation to take the next steps or fill the gap!

Agile staffing
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Agile teams

Agile Business Builders support Agile teams on teambuilding, team events, Agile coaching and temporary or permanent Agile professionals.

Agile teams

“To the point, practical implementation of scrum/agile that fits the needs of YOUR organization.”

“Werken met Agile Business Builders heeft mij een echt partnership in onze transformatie gebracht.
Niet zomaar een bureau wat je inhuurt, maar echt iemand die part of the team is, meedenkt over wat er nu echt nodig is en uit een breed pallet aan tools, methodieken, coaching, mindset en cultuur focus etc kan kiezen.
Daarmee hebben wij oog op ons doel voor de organisatie kunnen houden en niet zomaar een agile trucje geïmplementeerd.”

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