Coach the Agile coaches

ABB values the soft side of change. All Agile coaches of ABB have a background and experience in coaching and mentoring. To assist organisations with progress, we help Agile coaches to focus and develop their soft skills and techniques.

For this we offer ‘coach the coach’ workshops for Agile coaches, either employed or self-employed.

Duration: two-days weekend.
Content & target audience

Content & target audience

The program addresses the following questions:

  • how to put together the right team based on different team models?
  • how to coach one-on-one, how to coach groups?
  • how to teach the team to provide constructive feedback?
  • how to ensure the Agile mindset is truly lived-in?
  • how to make the teams really self-organising?
  • what is Agile leadership and how can I facilitate in this?

Target audience
The workshop is intended for anyone who works with or within an Agile organisation, as an Agile coach or who wants to develop into an Agile coach.

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