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ABB offers various types of Agile training courses and workshops. In every training the transfer of knowledge from theory to practice is combined with serious gaming: by adding various game elements to the Agile processes, theory meet practice. This way participants can familiarise themselves with the applicability of the Agile method. Serious gaming also creates practice-oriented discussions.

ABB emphasises the Agile mindset in each and every training; after all, this is one of the most important factors of a successful Agile transition.

Agile training
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Agile teams

Who will fulfill the key roles of your Agile adventure? Who will help the organisation to the next level? How to choose?
ABB is specialised in Agile Team formation and in Agile Team Events. This ensures that the right group of people will form a high potential team.

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“Alternating, very knowledgeable. Good explanation.”

“Clear examples, practical exercises, sufficient space for questions and sharing own experiences.”

“Very nice and interactive training. Was carried out proactively and enthusiastically by the trainer. A lot of opportunity for discussion and an Agile approach concerning the training of the training based on the experience levels of the participants. “

“Practical, many exercises. That is fun and educational. Good balance with theory. ”

“Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of knowledge.”

“Excellent training. Good combination of theory and practice, and well focused on certification exam. “

“The trainer has given the course professionally and adapted to the needs of the students. That is, preparing for the PSPO I exam. The added value is the practical situations that the trainer explained.  Great didactic skills. “

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