ABB is specialised in agile team development.

The implementation of Agile can only succeed if the right teams are formed. To enable end-to-end delivery, the combinations of disciplines within each team are important. But it goes beyond just that. In a successful team, skills and competences are combined in such a way that they complement each other.

People with the same way of thinking and acting often work very well together. But it also endangers becoming a high performing team, because the lack of deviant and additional insights and skills that complement the team.

ABB is specialised in Agile Team formation & developement and uses a combination of different team models and methods to enable this.

Agile Team Development

healthy team cooperation

Agile Team Dynamics

For developing team skills, we use our Agile Team Dynamics tool. This tool is based on JTI profiling and Lencioni dynamics and gives a great insight in the Agile maturity of teams.

We measure how teams score on the layers of trust, confrontation, involvement, being accountable and result-oriented work and discuss their results during an stimulating workshop.

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The best result

Personal Drives

To really get to know each other and to trust each other, it is important that everyone knows what motivates one another. This clarifies preferences and communication; avoiding miscommunications and assumptions. By understanding where the differences come from, focus can shift from finger pointing and complaining to solidarity and team accountability.

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Recognise and utilise talent

Agile Team Scan and Personal Agility Scan

The Profilizer Method has enabled personal talent and capabilities clear for over 25 years: on an individual level, in working relationships, within various groups and within the entire organisation.
These insights have been developed from a valid and reliable – scientifically certified – measurement, which amongst other things deals with the resilience and behaviour of people, relations, groups and organisations.

The Personal Agility Scan and Agile Team Scan are part of this. The first describes the personal predisposition in an Agile environment; the second one offers insight into the composition of teams.

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“Attention to (scrum) process and people.
This combination means that real progress could be made and teams became more mature.”

Linn Musters Lead Agile Transition

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