Boost Agile teams to become real self-organising teams!

Agile Business Builders supports organisations in forming new teams and in developing existing teams to the next level.

Self-organising Agile teams are not formed in one day. To become an mature self-organising team, team members must dare to take responsibility themselves.

Where necessary, Agile Business Builders can complement teams with experienced Agile professionals to give your Agile transition a boost.

Agile Team Development

Accountable Agile Teams

Teams and team members who actually act on what they observe, take responsibility and speak-out to themselves and each other, know at that moment to make the difference. The role of leaders and managers are changed and lead by example has never been more important.

We support organisations and teams in the following ways:

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High performing teams

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High performing

Agile teams

With whom do you start your adventure towards an Agile organisation or take the next step in Agile maturity?

ABB specialises in Agile Team Forming and in Agile Team Events. This ensures that the right group of people will form the teams in which the team members will complement each other in the Agile mindset and beacome a high performance team.

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“Alternating, very knowledgeable. Good explanation.”

“Clear examples, practical exercises, sufficient space for questions and sharing own experiences.”

“Very nice and interactive training. Was carried out proactively and enthusiastically by the trainer. A lot of opportunity for discussion and an Agile approach concerning the training of the training based on the experience levels of the participants. “

“Practical, many exercises. That is fun and educational. Good balance with theory. ”

“Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of knowledge.”

“Excellent training. Good combination of theory and practice, and well focused on certification exam. “

“The trainer has given the course professionally and adapted to the needs of the students. That is, preparing for the PSPO I exam. The added value is the practical situations that the trainer explained.  Great didactic skills. “

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