Strengthen the team with an Agile Team Event.

Frequent teambuilding is essential for the performance of Agile teams. Although teambuilding is part of the retrospective, it appears in practice that this event is often used to discuss and improve the process with little focus on soft skills. For that reason, it is important to also reserve a couple of moments a year to really focus on teambuilding.

Agile Business Builders provides special Team Events for existing and new teams to strengthen the team cohesion in an active and fun way! The activities during these sessions are set up in such a way that the principles of Agile working are truly lived through and guaranteed. The focus is on collaboration, a flexible attitude, deploying multiple disciplines and using each other’s qualities to achieve a joint result that gradually takes shape.

Our Agile Team Events increase collaboration, strengthen mutual ties, contribute to trust and make employees even more enthusiastic about Agile!

Discover Agile in a unique way

Agile Lunch & Learn

Would you like to find out if Agile could work within your organisation? Then organise an in-company Agile Lunch & Learn. In one and a half hour the employees will receive an inspiring Agile introduction including the Agile Airlines workshop. During this workshop, the employees experience the benefits of Agile working according to the Scrum method during a practical assignment.

The Lunch & Learn is for everyone in the organisation and allows the employees to get acquainted with Agile in a fun and informative way.

Quote from Mirjam (Project Manager):
'An incredibly energetic and interactive introduction to agile, where everyone experiences the power of agile working in 1.5 hours!'

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Agile teambuilding

Agile H2O Sailing

A great day on the water, in which sailing is used in a interactive way to introduce the Agile mindset. During the day many assignments and collaboration tasks will be performed to experience the Agile way of working in practice.

The morning session consists of a meeting in which the basics of Agile will be explained and compared with the basics of sailing.
After lunch it is time to put the theory to the test by going on to the water in small sailing boats. Because the teams have to deal with various factors such as wind, currents and whether or not the materials function, they are forced to cope with changing situations. During sailing, the team members will also carry out a number of sprints (including retrospectives), so that the Agile way of working can be experienced in a real life situation.

Afterwards an overall evaluation follows and if desired the day can be concluded with a delicious dinner in the harbour.

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Agile H2O Advanced

Depending on the Agile maturity of the participants, the Agile H2O sailing session can also be tailor-made, or combined with, for example, a Belbin or JTI assessment, where the strength of the team is determined and where it can be improved.

During the morning session, attention is paid to discussing the results of the assessment and points for improvement are discussed.
After lunch, the team sails off in different team compositions to increase the team spirit and learn more about each other's differences and preferences.

At the end of the day the evaluation follows which can be concluded with a dinner.

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Customised Agile Team Events

For existing teams, we set up customised Agile Team Events so that the specific learning needs are embedded in the activities.
Beforehand we will discuss with each other what challenges the team is facing to jointly set the desired learning objectives. This ensures that the Team Event contributes to strengthening the team.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Yes! That's what we need!

Personally I have experienced the coaching and the change management process as very positive. The training and team kick-off of the new season were facilitated in an informal manner, which made it fun to participate. The coach is a very energetic personality with a positive perspective on our challenges. The most tangible result is the increased customer focus and the collaboration within the team.

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