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Wether it is an Agile Transition Coordinator, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Program Manager, ABB is happy to assess your needs and to provide a solution that will help your organisation to take the next steps or fill the gap!

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Vacancy Scrum Master & Vacancy Agile Coach

Looking for a new challenge, and do you want to strenghten our team of Agile professionals as Scrum Master?
We are looking for you!

Vacancy Scrum MasterVacancy Agile Coach
Wanted: Content Marketeer (intership)

Looking for an inspiring internship?

Do you want to work with a strong growing, young and dynamic organisation specialised in Agile? Do you want to apply your marketing skills and knowledge, put them into practice and not just do fictional research bound to be put on the shelf? Join the Agile Business Builders team!

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“Personally, I experienced the coaching and the change process as positive. The training within the context of the change process and as a team start for the new season, is brought on an informal basis and that makes the training fun. I have experienced Karin as an energetic person with a positive outlook on the issues that played there. The most noticeable change in the workplace is that customer focus and mutual communication have improved.”

Sylvia van UdenMunicipality of Rotterdam

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