The transition to an Agile way of working requires a lot from leaders in the organisation. Agile working also requires a new way of managing: facilitating and servant leadership. Moving to Agile is a transition in itself, in which leadership towards this  change is also at play.

With a different way of collaboration, it is important to give substance to the changing role of manager. It requires a fundamentally different way of managing, based on trust, clear communication and a serving and coaching style.

Leadership roles

Changing leadership in an Agile environment

Changing roles

What is your role as a leader/executive within an Agile organisation? Agile practices not only require a different way of collaboration with customers and stakeholders, but it also requires a change in your behavior. What is your role when communicating, how do you approach a different way of planning? How do you lead the company by continuously centralising the customer?

Focus on the Executives

Executive coaching

ABB’s Agile executive coaches support management during the transition. In this field our expertise and experience in Agile work and individual & team coaching is revealed. As an executive, this will teach you how you can realize change. With a strong focus on attitude, behavior, skills and culture. So that after the transition phase the organisation itself has the leaders to lead the way to Agile maturity.

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