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12th Annual
State of Agile Report

By 16/04/2018 No Comments

The 12th annual State of Agile report is released!

In the past 12 years, the State of Agile (by VersionOne) has become one of the most important reports on Agile work.

Here are some of the challenges of adopting agile and tips for success from the 12th annual State of Agile report:

Challenges while adopting Agile:

  • Organisational culture at odds with Agile values.
  • General organisation resistance to change.
  • Inadequate management support and sponsorship.
  • Lack of skills / experience with Agile methods.
  • Insufficient training and education.

5 Tips for success:

  1. Internal Agile Coaches.
  2. Consistent practices and processes across teams.
  3. Implementation of a common tool across teams.
  4. External Agile Coaches and Trainers.
  5. Executive sponsorship.

Read the entire report here: 12th-annual-state-of-agile-report

The reason why ABB addresses learning how to work Agile as organisational change management, is because all of the challenges and tips for success as mentioned above. Curious how we can help you with these success factors and challenges? Contact us!