Enhance the succes of your Agile transition by using Agile coaches

An Agile transition demands a lot of employees and management. Another way of working together, teams being self-organising, taking decisions previously taken by middle management. Another way of working with customers and stakeholders, a different way of communicating, a different way of planning, always from the perspective of the customer, all with a focus on delivering as much business value as possible. Customer delight!

ABB’s Agile coaches support teams and management during this transformation. One of our goals is to transfer our knowledge to the teams and organisation, including coaching skills. All to make sure that after the transition the organisation itself has Agile coaches to guide the way further to Agile maturity.

The Agile way of working also requires a new way of managing: facilitating and serving. All this makes the transition a challenging period for everyone involved. Agile coaching is an important and proven factor for a successful transition.

Agile Coaching

On-site support

Self-organising teams

Being self-organising does not happen overnight. To become a mature self-organising team, team members must take responsibility and learn what accountability really is about. This primarily requires coaching. The coach must align the different personalities, each with their own experience and preferences and gives insight what individual role each team member has that complement the team.

We guide the team through the different phases leading to maturity. The Agile Coach helps the team to learn how to self-organise their work, which roles are required, to maintain a healthy pace with a sufficient workload, while delivering business value.

Agile cultural transition

Agile Coaching

Transformating to an Agile organisation involves a major cultural change. We jointly implement this path: our Agile Coach / Transition Coordinator together with all the teams and key roles.

An Agile organisation is transparent, has a flat structure, has self-organising teams, works through partnership with the customer, has a focus on flow and quickly delivers tangible and valuable results for its customers.

Agile stands for continuously adapting to the market and the customer. Gradually continue learning, keep on developing, continue to experiment to become better and better. Energy, commitment, focus.
Stop changing, start experimenting!

“Attention to (scrum) process and people.
This combination means that real progress could be made and teams became more mature.”

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