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The three biggest challenges of an Agile transition are Agile leadership, cultural change and the lack of Agile knowledge and skills at the start. Agile Business Builders offers solutions for any type of Agile transition. Whether being an Agile start-up or an agile organisation that has to take the final step to maturity.
From Agile training to Agile staffing, from Agile Team Coaching to Agile Leadership and from Agile team events to the Agile transition.

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The Agile Organisation

Most Agile studies shows that the cultural change within an organisation is one of the biggest challenges to implement an successful Agile transition. Agile Business Builders does not only support the implementation of the Agile philosophy and methods. We are above all focusing on the soft side of change, like culture, attitude, mindset and behaviour of employees and leadership. Our Agile coaches have a thorough knowledge of the implementation of various Agile methods, as well as a background and experience in the soft side of transitions to help your Agile journey.

Agile team development

Strengthen your team

A implementation of Agile can only succeed when the right teams are formed. In order to deliver end-to-end customer value, the combination of the right people with the right disciplines in each team is important.

Agile Business Builders supports organisations in forming new teams and further developing already existing teams. Where necessary, Agile Business Builders can complement teams with experienced Agile professionals to accelerate the Agile transition.

Agile training

Expand your knowledge

ABB offers several types of Agile courses and workshops. Each course and workshop consists elements of serious gaming. This type of gaming is a method by which the theory is linked to practice by customised excersises. ABB attaches great value to the Agile mindset; after all, this is one of the most important factors to become a successful Agile organisation.
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We believe in Agnostic Agile

Lately it seems Agile is becoming a goal itself instead of a way of working. Are we forgetting what Agile is all about by focusing on only one methodology?

Of course, it is great to have a method as a guideline, but in our opinion, it should never be the binding factor. In fact, even when you design a flawless Agile process for a client, if you do not quite grasp all the challenges of that client and their organisation and understand the phase they are in, you will miss the mark completely.

This form of common sense is also known as Agnostic Agile. We see it as an important, positive development since it puts an organisation’s uniqueness above one fixed methodology.

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